COMING SOON! — Ihnatowycz Family Foundation Arts Mentorship Award
The Arts Mentorship Award supports mentorship or residency programs for individuals in the fields of visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, new media, and/or arts management.

Mykola & Ivanna Suprun Fund
The Mykola & Ivanna Suprun Fund supports research on Ukraine and Ukrainian Canadian themes, the Holodomor, and themes related to Ukrainian Sobornist and the liberation movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Application deadline: May 15.

Wasyl, Tekla, Darka & Lydia Karabin Family Fund
The Wasyl, Tekla, Darka & Lydia Karabin Family Fund supports a full- time Ukrainian Canadian student with a 3.0 GPA pursuing post-secondary studies in one of the following: Music, Ukrainian Language/Literature, Ukrainian History, Ukrainian Art. Application deadline: May 15.

Dr. Yarema Gregory Kelabay Scholarship Fund
The Dr. Yarema Kelabay Scholarship Fund grants scholarships to post- secondary students of Ukrainian studies. Application deadline: May 15.

Stephen & Olga Kuzyk Education Bursary
The Stephen & Olga Kuzyk Education Bursary supports Ukrainian- Canadian students enrolled in a Canadian university as a Doctoral candidate in Education. Application deadline: May 15.

David A. Mysak Future Leaders Award
The David A. Mysak Future Leaders Award is a $1000 award for young individuals of Ukrainian descent who live in the province of Saskatchewan. The award is focused on the individual’s community leadership and volunteerism, and community connections. Application deadline: May 15.

Mykola Andrusiak Trades Bursary
The Mykola Andrusiak Trades Bursary supports a student of Canadian Ukrainian heritage, or Ukrainian citizen studying in Canada, pursuing studies at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution or in a recognized professional development program, studying full- or part-time toward a professional designation, certificate or diploma: 1 (one) month to 4 (four) year programs or on-the- job training. Eligible fields of studies: elevator mechanic, power line technician, electrician, carpenter, pipefitter/steamfitter, mechanical engineer, welder, iron worker, HVAC technician and other building trades. Application deadline is May 15.