Call for Artist Submissions – 2018 Shevchenko Month Bookmark


Every March, the Shevchenko Foundation commemorates the work of poet Taras Shevchenko by distributing thousands of bookmarks to children across Canada who are enrolled in Ukrainian language classes in public, private, and Saturday schools. All Ukrainian dance schools and ensembles also receive this souvenir art piece miniature, which for some, has become a collector’s item.

We ask artists to create an art piece that depicts the chosen literary excerpt from Shevchenko’s poems. This year’s excerpt is “На Великдень (On Easter Day)”. The original Ukrainian-language version, and English translation appear below.

The selected art work will be used in the 2018 March campaign. The successful artist will receive $1,000.00 for the original art work selected.

The image should be suitable in its dimensions to be reproduced as a bookmark i.e. long and narrow. The finished bookmark size is 2” x 7.5”. Please ensure that there is room around your image in case it needs to be cropped slightly. Scans should be a minimum of 400 dpi.

These campaigns have become successful educational tools from the Shevchenko Foundation. They also serve as a great venue for exposing the artist to a very large audience.For more information call 1-866-524-5314.

На Великдень

На Великдень, на соломі
Проти сонця, діти
Грались собі крашанками,
Та й стали хвалитись
Обновами. Тому к святкам
З лиштвою пошили
Сорочечку, а тій стьожку,
Тій стрічку купили;
Кому шапочку смушеву,
Чобітки шкапові,
Кому свитку…
Тарас Шевченко, 1849. Кос-Арал


On Easter Day

On Easter Day among the straw
Out I the sun the children played
With Easter eggs in colours braw
And each of them loud boasting made
Of gifts received. One, for the feast,
Was given a shirt with sleeves of white;
One with a ribbon had been pleased;
One with a garment, laced and tight;
This boy was given a lambskin cap,
That one a pair of horsehide boots,
And one a jacket to unwrap.
Taras Shevchenko, 1849. Kos-Aral