b'Your donations make great things happen!Shevchenko FoundationGrants and Community FundingThe foresight and generosity of our donors enables the Shevchenko Foundation to invest in the future of our Ukrainian community in Canada. The Shevchenko Foundation provides grants and community funding to a wide variety of projects, which in turn maintain and strengthen our Canadian Ukrainian identity.Many individuals, organizations, and community groups, through their creativity, imagination, dedication, and commitment, submit exciting proposals that require financial support. The Shevchenko Foundations Board of Directors, representative of the larger community, works diligently to award funding in support of the wide range of projects that support our mission.In the fiscal year ending 2021, we allocated $497,063 to 109 individuals and organizations. Of these, 56 were regular grants that qualified for funding under our pillars. The remaining 53 grants were special Covid-19 Relief grantsfunding that was introduced in response to the needs of the community, specifically small non-profits, under imposed restrictions on activities,.,, , ,, .,,, ,., 2021 ., $497 063109- . 56 ,.53 , Covid-19, .ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/ 9'