b'Innovating and engaging audiencesIt was a great pleasure to get funded by Shevchenko Foundation as a newcomer Ukrainian artist. With its help, I finished the long-term music work I have been working on for the last few years. Support of the Foundation was thumping essential and I am thankful to you and all the donors from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much for your work! - Volodymyr BedzvinWithout assistance from the Shevchenko Foundation the creation of the artworks for The Molfar Exhibit would not have been possible. With the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 affecting supplies and needed businesses, I was able to find print shops that were operating on a reduced schedule and I was also able to finance having matts cut for my artworks. I very much appreciate the generosity of The Shevchenko Foundation in allowing me the freedom to present my artworks to a public forum, generating interest in Ukrainian history and culture.- Taras Lachowsky12 ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/'