b'Keeping us togetherCommunity Development Grants ProgramIndividuals, organizations and Institutions with a strong sense of identity and purpose in Canada have created a vibrant and dynamic Ukrainian community life forFESTIVALS 15%all Canadians to enjoy. With something for almost anyCOMMUNITY PROJECTS 10%interest, the community brings us together to bothNATIONAL PROJECTS 52%celebrate and mourn, to remember the past and build thefuture. Even the pandemic couldnt keep us apart! OurUCVF 15%Community Development Grants Program supports theCOVID-19 8%varied initiatives that strengthen a nurturing, welcoming and exciting extended family that truly never sleeps.LOCAL COMMUNITYHolodomor MemorialNational CommunityBabas & BorshchEdmonton UkrainianUKRAINIAN PROJECTSParketteTorontoDevelopment andUkrainian FestivalFestival 2020CANADIAN Deep Freeze ByzantineUCC Toronto Branch Outreach ProgramsBabas & BorshchEdmonton UkrainianVETERANS FUND Winter Festival 2021Toronto, ONUkrainian CanadianUkrainian Festival Festival Society Operation Payback Arts on the Ave.,$10,000CongressNational Andrew, AB Edmonton, AB BookletEdmonton Society (FINAL INSTALLMENT OFWinnipeg, MB$5,000$8,000Luciuk, Lubomyr Edmonton, AB$50,000 COMMITMENT) $127,500TEMERTY FOUNDATIONTEMERTY FOUNDATIONKingston, ON TEMERTY FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITYCOMMUNITY $4,000 Ukrainian Music FestivalCOMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT FUND DEVELOPMENT FUND $4,000 TEMERTY FOUNDATION50th AnniversaryDEVELOPMENT FUND COMMUNITYCalgary UkrainianSecurity System Divisia DEVELOPMENT FUND Ukrainian Music20202021 SUSKFestival 2020Edmonton Heritage& UPA MonumentsFestival Leaders of TomorrowCalgary Ukrainian Festival 2020St. VolodymyrMykola Woron Library &Toronto, ONProjectFestival UCC Edmonton Branch Cathedral of TorontoArchive Reorganization$3,500Edmonton, AB Phase II TEMERTY FOUNDATIONUkrainian CanadianCalgary, AB$3,000Toronto, ONSt Vladimirs UkrainianCOMMUNITYStudents Union $5,000TEMERTY FOUNDATION$13,177 Womens Association DEVELOPMENT FUNDOttawa, ON TEMERTY FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITY Calgary Branch $9,000COMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT FUND Regional Ukrainian Calgary, ABUpgrade to UkrainianTEMERTY FOUNDATIONDEVELOPMENT FUND Soldier Education, VMG LibraryCOMMUNITYLviv, Ukraine Folklore& Interpretive Centre $7,500 Ukrainian StudiesDEVELOPMENT FUNDCanadas NationalFestival 2020The Canadian ELSIE KAWULYCH FUNDSociety Ukrainian FestivalUkrainian CanadianMotorcycle Tourism AND MICHAEL & VICTORIAFESTIVALS SHALAPATA FUNDVictoria, BCCanadas NationalClub of Kingston Association$2,000Festival Ukrainien deUkrainian Festival Inc. Kingston, ON Grande Prairie, ABUkrainian Day 2020 TEMERTY FOUNDATIONMontrealDauphin, MB $3,500$5,000 Celebrating all thingsCOMMUNITYAssociation Culturelle$5,500TEMERTY FOUNDATION UkrainianDEVELOPMENT FUNDSt Volodymyr deTEMERTY FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITY2020 Remembrance Day COMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT FUNDUCC Alberta ProvincialNATIONALMontreal DEVELOPMENT FUND Communication Project Council PROJECTSMontreal, QC 47th Annual UkrainianUCC Toronto BranchEdmonton, AB A Mosaic in TimeThe$4,000Capital UkrainianPysanka FestivalToronto, ON $4,000TEMERTY FOUNDATIONFestival 2020$3,250 TEMERTY FOUNDATIONUkrainian Press LegacyCOMMUNITYCapital UkrainianVegreville Cultural COMMUNITYProjectDEVELOPMENT FUND Festival Inc. Association Heroes of Their Day DEVELOPMENT FUNDSembaliukCheladyn,Ottawa, ON Vegreville, ABUkrainian Canadian Larisa $6,000Civil Liberties Edmonton, AB$6,000TEMERTY FOUNDATION $40,000TEMERTY FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITYFoundationUCCLFCOMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT FUND Calgary, ABUKRAINIAN CANADIANDEVELOPMENT FUND $22,500VETERANS FUND(FINAL INSTALLMENT OF A $45,000 COMMITMENT)14 ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/'