b'Sharing the Ukrainian Canadian experience HeritageGrants ProgramFrom the Ukrainian pioneers who settled the prairies in the late 1800s to the most recent UkrainianFESTIVALS 15%immigrants, the history of our Ukrainian community in Canada is rich in stories that need to be preserved and COMMUNITY PROJECTS 10%shared through generations. The Heritage Grants Program funds programming that contributes to historicalpreservation and develops the avenues for sharing these stories with all Canadians. NATIONAL PROJECTS 52%EXHIBI TS AND RELATED PROJECTS 92%HISTORY UKRAINIANS IN CANADA 8%OF HISTORY OFEXHIBITS ANDOseredoksOseredoksUkrainian HeritageHall of Fame UKRAINIANS INRELATED Exhibitions andExhibitions andVillage ChurchVirtual TourCANADAPROJECTSRelated ProgramsRelated ProgramsRoofing Project Ukrainian History on FilmSocial Media2020/2021 2021/2022 Ukrainian Folk ArtsMusicians Ukrainian CanadianIntegrated WebsiteOseredokOseredokCentre & MuseumAssociation Inc. Womens Council Alberta UkrainianUkrainian CulturalUkrainian CulturalInc.Selkirk, MB Toronto BranchDance Association& Educational& EducationalDauphin, MB $3,000 Toronto, ONEdmonton, ABCentre Centre $3,000 MICHAEL & VICTORIA Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg, MB TEMERTYSHALAPATA FUND $3,000$3,000$10,000$15,000FOUNDATIONAND LUDWIG, OLGA COMMUNITY& CONSTANCE KAYE DEVELOPMENT FUNDFUNDShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/ 21'