b'The Canadian First World War Internment Recognition FundOther notable initiatives in progress include the following:The Endowment Council is working on a strategic plan that will map out the next two fiscal years as the Fund moves towards thetransfer of the administration of the internment program to the Shevchenko Foundation in May of 2023;The Endowment Council continues its consultations with the Canadian Museum of History and its Collections Management andConservation group about an expanded artefact loan agreement for the cataloguing, preservation and exhibition of the CFWWIRFs internee artefacts;The Endowment Council continues its efforts for Canada Post to introduce a commemorative stamp or a series of stamps commem- orating Canadas first national internment operations; The completion of Project 107 to provide new headstones and monuments for all 107 internees who died while incarcerated;The completion of Project Roll Call online database of all 8,579 internees, andThe Endowment Council is working on a Knowledge Portal that includes a Content Management Gateway of the current website.The Shevchenko Foundations WorkIn May 2008, a Funding Agreement was entered into between the Government of Canada and the Shevchenko Foundation. In establishing the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund (CFWWIRF), the Shevchenko Foundation was entrusted to ensure compliance with the Funding Agreement, which includes the financial stewardship of the Fund and the supervision of the activities of the CFWWRIF. The capital of this Fund must remain at $10M, and only the interest earned from the capital can be used to provide grants for projects that commemorate and recognize the experiences of all the ethno-cultural communities affected by Canadas first national internment operations of 1914-1920. The Shevchenko Foundation Board of Directors and its Investment Committee are committed to their fiduciary responsibility to supervise the Fund, ensuring that the goals and objectives for which the Fund was established are met and managed. The Shevchenko Foundations responsibility includes the appointment of the Chair and members of the Endowment Council from the affected ethno-cultural communities, along with an internee descendant representative.In the Endowment Councils Work report, Borys Sirskyj, newly appointed Chair of the CFWWIRF outlines the activities of the Endowment Council for this year and provides a synopsis of the approved grants.These projects provide a legacy for future generations to be educated about this tragic chapter in Canadian history. ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/ 29'