b'The Canadian First World WarInternment Recognition FundThe Shevchenko Foundation Board of Directors would like to thank long time Endowment Council member,Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk for his contributions as the representative of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA). Mr. Roman Zakaluzny is the newly appointed UCCLA representative. Also a thank you to Ms. Alexandra Chyczij for her contributions as representative of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC). Mr. Paul Migus is the newly appointed UCC representative. Mr. Boris Balan is the newly appointed representative of the Shevchenko Foundation and the CFWWIRF Vice-Chair. I would also like to thank Ms. Ana Katalinic for her contributions as the representative of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Michelle Loughery as the Internee Descendant representative. Ms. Carola Lange was also appointed by the Shevchenko Foundation on the Endowment Council to represent the German Canadian Congress. As President of the Shevchenko Foundation, I would like to thank the Chair and all the members of the Endowment Council for their hard work this year in moving projects forward that educate Canadians about Canadas First National Internment Operations 1914 to 1920.Andrew Hladyshevsky, Q.C. PresidentFort Henry Carved Plaque Inscription: FORT HENRY CANADA Made by: Internee Lieutenant (Kriegsmarine) Acquired by the CFWWIRF30 ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/'