b"OLYA TKACHENKOOlya Tkachenko was born in Ukraine. Her father, a professional artist was her firstart mentor. In 2014 Olya and her family moved to Canada, where she worked at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada in Saskatchewan and led a private art school. Olya's works have been exhibited in Ukraine, France, and Canada. Since 2008 Olya has worked as a freelance childrens illustrator and created numbers of children books.Olya graduated from the School of Fine Arts studying classic drawing, painting, sculpture, and history of arts. She works with various media such as oil, soft pastel, watercolors, and batiks. Her hot batik works combine the traditional Ukrainian technique of pysanka (Ukrainian Easter egg) writing and modern concepts. Currently, Olya and her husband live in Toronto.34 ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/"