b'Presidents MessageBy taking measured risk and consistently awarding grants, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we built a brand that earned the confidence of the community.The Shevchenko Foundation will be there in perpetuity.I am pleased to provide this2021 Annual Report with my own personal perspective.How does an organization with no full-time paid staff, modest shared physical space, and with little or no operational monies to work with transform itself into an independently situated, independently run entity with full time dedicated staff, and positioned to organically and consistently grow its scope and purpose over 23 years?How does an organization, hovering for half a decade at only $6 million in assets, provide grants over the next 16 years in excess of $14 million, while at the same time growing its net capital by 500% to over $32 millionsoon to be $35 million?How does an organization over 23 years survive world recessions, international calamities including Covid-19 by creating and sustaining a financial mechanism that, over the course of a generation, has developed a platinum reputation for stewardship and management of financial assets, that have increased by 900% and soon to be over $50 million? The rate of return on these assets for the period ending March 31, 2021, was 23.38%!We can also take pride in an amazing track record of grants paid. In 1998, grants paid totalled $213,000. Twelve years later in 2021, the grants paid totalled only $342,000. In the fiscal year ending 2021 we allocated $497,063 to 109 individuals and organizations. Of these, 56 were regular grants, while 53 were special Covid-19 Relief grants.Over the last 20 years we have paid out over $14 million in grants, of which approximately $6.6 million was granted during the four-year period from 2016 through 2020.By taking measured risk and consistently awarding grants, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we built a brand that earned the confidence of the community. The Shevchenko Foundation will be there in perpetuity.The Capital Campaign which we launched in 2015 will have successfully raised over $10 million dollars in this coming year on pledges of $15.8 million and growing. The percentage of our net assets under management were at $32 million and will soon be over $35 million. As the demand for funding continues to grow, the need to fundraise for the TSF will only intensify.I had the remarkable, magical good fortune that of all the billions of paths my Creator could have chosen for me, it was a gift that I would be born into a loving Ukrainian Canadian family.I have devoted a significant part of my life to this organization and can truly and honestly look at every donor, both past and present, in the eye and say that this organization is transformative.Looking through my various travel records in the course of my role as President of the TSF, I have logged some 2 ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/'