b'2021 Donations SAINT- LAURENT NOVA SCOTIA MICHIGAN NEW YORKMereniuk, Bohdan $25Dobrianska, Stefa .$40BOUTLIERS POINT STERLING HEIGHTSST LEONARD Anonymous $50 Denardis, Cynthia .$36 PENNSYLVANIACap, Myroslawa $103Chuchra, Ihor .$34 DARTMOUTH MINNESOTA ROCKLEDGEKowcz, Olga .$100 Malek, Krystyna $75 Murha, Anatoli $150STELLARTON GRAND MARAISMandzy, Olga .$45 Romsa, Gerald $500 Wright, Jeanne. $52Sztyk, Georges $103 NEVADA AUSTRALIASTE MARGUERITE DU LAC MASSON HENDERSON HORNSBYZawalykut, Richard .$200 THE UNITEDHollingshead, Joanna $25 Shymkiw, Anna $50STATES OF VAL DES MONTS AMERICA NEW JERSEY Every gift given in support of the Migus, Paul $250 MORRIS PLAINS Shevchenko Foundation is greatly VERDUN CALIFORNIA Denysyk, Oleh & Anna .$206 appreciated. Every effort has been Boyko, Roman .$150 SAN RAFAEL made to ensure the accuracy of this Nazywalskyj, Mychajlo & Elkin, Polly & Ron .$200 NEW YORK listing as of March 31, 2021.Shirley $100 If there are errors or omissions, Wodzicky, Maria $25 EAST AMHERST please contact Shevchenko Hurmak, Taras .$200 Foundation.Give Monthly MonthlyDonors ToIn 2020 we welcomed our inaugural monthlyMarch 31, 2021donors who, together, are Building Tomorrow. Their contributions and passion will helpBACZYNSKYJ, ANASTASIAsomeone realize a dream and capture our imaginations while helping us to collectivelyBALAN, BORISmake a difference. We make it easy! YouDZULYNSKY, MYRONdecide on an affordable amount which isEWASHKO, LAURENCEsecurely withdrawn from your bank account or credit card each month. Then sit back andGALARNYK, BASIL & JUDY watch the magic your gift creates month afterGROD, ROMANmonth, year after year. HARDY, DOROTHYMeet Anastasia Baczynskyjone of our monthly donors. Anastasia isKAMINSKI, WALTER & ANNAa firm believer in the power of art and cultural expression to transformKORADE, DONNAsociety. Her monthly contribution will help us support the artists thatKUPRIIANOVA, MARIIAmake it happen.KURCHAK, WENDYIt may be tempting to think that culture is currently sleeping. Theatres are dark. Museums are closed. Concert halls are silent.LENNIE C.M., ORYSSIAHowever, culture isnt sleeping because culture never sleeps. InMURHA, ANATOLIhouses, basements, and balconies it is still being created, explored,OSADCHUK, STEPHANIEand expanded. I know that my monthly contributions are the easiestSCRIBILO, DARLENEway to ensure that, when the world wakes up, there will be spectacular offerings at the ticket booth once again. I cannot fall asleep onSEREDA- GOLDIE, DEVONsupporting culture. The suspense is too exciting! WARCHOLA, ADRIANAnastasia Baczynskyj,Toronto, Ontario YERENIUK, EMIL40Shevchenko Foundation Annual Report /'