b'Give ThoughtfullyYou would like future generations to benefit from the community that continues to play such an important role in your life. There is no time like the present to partner with us to make that happen. Legacy planning with the Shevchenko Foundation focuses on helping you develop a strategy for continuing your charitable work in perpetuity.Whether you choose to leave a direct bequest, life insurance policy, individual retirement account or any other personal assets, there is no better way to make a lasting difference!Meet Sonia and Adrian Boykoproud Ukrainian Canadians who, just like their pioneer grandparents and great grandparents, value the importance of the community and establishing a Ukrainian presence in the cultural life of Canada.Prior to 1905, Sonia and Adrian both had grandparents that settled in the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. They settled in Canada because they wanted the very best for their children and grandchildren, and they were driven by a sense of pride in their heritage. Building churches, halls, reading rooms, and dance clubs, they wanted their community to thrive.It is important to us that the culture grows and survives long after we are gone. It may very well be in a different form, and through different expressions of our culture, and that is okay.We are pleased to leave a legacy by naming theShevchenko Foundation in our wills. We are proud members of theKobzar Fellowship in recognition of our pledge, and we encourage all members of the community to join us!-Sonia and Adrian Boyko Saskatoon, Saskatchewan46 ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/'