b'Thank you!776,000 volunteer miles that relatedIn 2021 we marked the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of the monument to solely to the projects and initiatives ofUkraines national poet, Taras Shevchenko, on the grounds of the Manitoba the TSF. That basically means that Ilegislature. This event was historic in that it recognized the significant role have circumnavigated of Ukrainians in Canadas nation building. Two years later the surplus funds the globe some 32 times for the TSF. from this initiative established the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras I trust that this Annual Report conveysShevchenko that continues to preserve, promote, and develop the Ukrainian the presence of a Ukrainian Canadiancultural heritage in Canada, and for Canada.Community that is percolating andFast forward to 1995, when a young lawyer from Western Canada joins the passionately approaching UkrainianBoard of Directors and quickly comes to understand the potential of the culture from every avenue. TheseFoundation to transform a community. This conviction becomes a mission cultural activists span a broad spectrumfor Andrew Hladyshevsky, who concluded his tenure as President of the of ages, religious backgrounds, andShevchenko Foundation in 2021, stepping down after 23 years at the helm.various skill sets of ethnic fluency,With his wholehearted belief in the viability of our endowment fund to but they share a common Ukrainianfinancially support the boundless creativity of the Ukrainian community, ancestry in Canada. Andrew helped to build the Foundation from its modest beginnings into In accomplishing all this, Ia preeminent philanthropic organization. The introduction of professional acknowledge the incredibleinvestment management has allowed us to grow our capital exponentially contributions and sacrifices that haveand demonstrate that we are prudent and responsible stewards of the money been made by my family: my wifeentrusted to us. The bold launch of the Our Legacy, Our Tomorrow campaign Daria, and children Gregory, Olesia,has engaged and greatly expanded our donor base. Zenon and Roman.I hope you will support our newBut Andrews tenure was about more than just raising funds. It was President Boris Balan who willcharacterized by initiatives that consistently brought the Foundation closer to continue to ambitiously press the TSFits vision of a Canada that acknowledges Ukrainian Canadians as integral to forward. the Canadian identity. These include the establishment of the Kobzar Literary Award, the Emerging Writers Short Prose Competition, and the Tryzub We all want to make a difference inAwards. this world. We all want to maintainDue to the tireless efforts of Andrew Hladyshevsky and representatives of the and foster meaningful lives with whatUkrainian community, the Shevchenko Foundation was awarded stewardship is presented to us. One of the giftsof the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund and the presented to me by my Creator was toUkrainian Canadian Veterans Fund.enter into the TSF vineyard. We can only hope as we leave our mortal lifeThe eternal optimist, Andrew firmly believes that we are capable of being that the various vineyards that webigger, stronger, and better. And underlying every ambitious stepmany walk through will be better off and inof them taking us out of our comfort zoneare Andrews passion and a much more abundant condition thanenthusiasm to work for all segments of our community. He champions the when we first entered the vineyard.big projects that he knows will propel Ukrainian culture into the Canadian This is my ardent and heart on firemainstream, but with equal passion he fervently advocates for the little guy hope for the TSF vineyard. who strives to keep his community connected to the greater whole. ! Andrews legacy lies in his vision of the community and his unwavering Andriy belief in its cultural capacity within the Canadian mainstream. The Board of Directors and Management of the Shevchenko Foundation express sincerest gratitude to Andrew for his inspiration and decades-long commitment to building an endowment that will be the legacy of the Ukrainian community in Canada for its future generations. Best wishes for many more successful endeavours! ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/ 3'