b'Give PurposefullyThe Kmet-Roslycky scholarship was establishedIs there a specific cause that you to acknowledge our Ukrainian parents, whoparticularly hold dear? Consider a Designated Fund within the encouraged us to pursue a university education.Shevchenko Foundation to give The opportunities education has granted us inlasting meaning to your personal our careers and lives have been invaluable. Thegiving and carry your name in Shevchenko Foundation provides funding supportperpetuity. Its also a great way to engage your children and in four main pillars, one of which is education. grandchildren in philanthropy. You Establishing a scholarship will allow us to share ourcan donate a variety of assets to success with future generations of young Ukrainianyour fund, including appreciated professionals. securities and stock. We will partner with you to ensure that the annual earned income is disbursed - Dr. Patricia Kmet & Bohdan Roslycky Winnipeg, Manitoba according to your wishes. Let us build a home for your family legacy.Meet Dr. Patricia Kmet and Bohdan Roslyckychildren of immigrant parents who were proud of their heritage and believed in the importance of higher education. Patricia and Bohdan chose to leave a legacy in honour of their parents and to pay it forward by establishing a designated fund within the Shevchenko Foundation.49'