b'Impact of the ShevchenkoEnsure the security and Foundations revenueprosperity of the Shevchenko development activities Foundation The Shevchenko Foundation is a philanthropicThe Shevchenko Foundation takes pride in the institution and as such, focuses on building andvalues and principles which characterize its sustaining a permanent endowment fund. It is ourphilanthropy and community building. The intent for this fund to equally support communitycontinued growth of the organization over initiatives and large-scale projects with broad reach,nearly 60 years is testimony to its accountability, fully understanding the immeasurable value bothtransparency, effectiveness, and inclusiveness.bring to the Ukrainian Canadian experience. The governance of the Shevchenko Foundation willDonor relations will be strengthened with the goalbe further strengthened to secure its readiness toof securing the Foundations consistent long-termadapt to change and address challenges without growth and financial stability. compromising its vision, values, and principles. Unique programming will help instil a philanthropicA Board succession plan and nomination process spirit in our youth. will be further developed ensuring transparencyand encouraging community engagement. Mutually beneficial relationships with grantees willbe fostered. The Foundation continues to support learning,individual development, and build leadership Ukrainian Canadian philanthropists will be engaged capacity.in community building partnerships. Celebrate the Shevchenko Foundations60th AnniversaryIn 2023, the Shevchenko Foundation will mark its 60th anniversary - a milestone which calls for a celebration. But its not just about the institution. Its a celebration of all the components that make us a strong, dynamic, and evolving community. We look forward to uniting Canadians in a celebration of the Ukrainian Canadian experience. ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/ 57'