b'Investment Portfolio Summary 5YR20212020201920182017Investments, $M*47.636.939.537.732.9Grants Paid, $M71. ROR9.5**23.4-2%8%7%11%*Market value of investments, net of grants paid** 5 Year annualized rate of returnAsset Cash & Fixed Income13.7 Allocation EQUITY$MCanada12.4 US10.9 Europe8.4 Asia Pacific1.6 Emerging Markets0.5Sector Cash & Fixed Income11.6 Allocation Industrials5.9 $MFinancials6.3 Consumer4.8 Other5.8 Technology6.0 Communications4.0 Energy1.7 Materials1.6 Geographic Canada26.1 Allocation US 10.9 $MEurope8.4 Asia Pacific1.6 Emerging Markets0.5 ShevchenkoFoundationAnnualReport/ 7'