TSF Grants in support of Ukrainians displaced by the war

UPDATE: We are no longer accepting applications for

Instructional Resources for Ukrainian Canadian Arts and Education Organizations” and

Summer Programs for Displaced Ukrainian Youth“.

Funding is still available for:

TSF Grants Program

How To Apply

The Shevchenko Foundation Grants Program supports the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian Canadian cultural heritage and the development of a flourishing Ukrainian community for the enrichment of Canada.

The Shevchenko Foundation fulfills its mandate by disbursing grants to organizations, groups and individuals in support of Ukrainian Canadian cultural development in four pillars: Arts, Community Development, Heritage, and Education.

The Arts Program recognizes the value of the arts as a fundamental aspect of expressing a unique cultural identity and promoting the creation, advancement and dissemination of Ukrainian Canadian artistic endeavours. The Arts Program is comprised of 6 sectors – Dance, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts.

Through the Community Development Program we demonstrate our commitment to the sustainability of a vibrant and flourishing Ukrainian community in Canada, and to fostering a sense of common identity and fellowship, participation in community life, and strengthening of community institutions.

Knowledge of the Ukrainian language, culture and history are important components of Ukrainian community identity in Canada together with recognition of the contribution Ukrainians made to Canadian society and history. The Education Program seeks to increase and disseminate knowledge of all aspects of Ukrainian life in Canada through traditional and non-traditional educational programming.

The Heritage Program is intended to ensure that the history of the Ukrainian community in Canada is preserved and that the important sources of Ukrainian Canadian history and life are not lost to future generations.

Final Report  ›

Carefully review the Shevchenko Foundation General Criteria as well as the Objectives and Eligibility requirements found on the grant registration form for your particular project.

Fill out the appropriate grant registration form on-line and save it as a PDF once completed. We strongly advise you print and keep a copy for your reference.

Email your application as ONE PDF FILE to [email protected]. Only emailed applications will be accepted, and must be received in our office by midnight (CDT) of the deadline date. (If the deadline falls on a statutory holiday or weekend, your application must be received by 5:00 pm (CDT) the next business day.

При виникненні труднощів під час заповнення аплікації англійською мовою, звертайтеся на нижче поданий контакт.

If you require any assistance, or have any questions regarding the grant application form or process contact:

Karolya Hutniak Vargscarr, TSF Executive Assistant

E-mail:  [email protected]

What Happens After I Apply?

You will receive email notification confirming receipt of your grant application. If you do not receive email confirmation within 4 days, contact our office at 1-866-524-5314.

If your application is successful, you will be notified by email, followed by our letter with your payment. The letter will outline our requirements regarding promoting and reporting.

Once your project is completed, and before you can apply for any future funding, you must report back to the Shevchenko Foundation using our FINAL REPORT.

How Will The Application Be Assessed?

All applications are assessed on:

  • The merit of the project, for example, well-articulated goals for the project, its artistic, literary, scholarly, or educational merit, its merit in terms of heritage preservation and community development, the organizational viability of the project, its leadership aspect in innovation and bringing forward new ideas, evidence of effective project planning consistent with the goals of the project, among others.
  • Financial viability of the project, for example, the range of revenue sources in addition to Shevchenko Foundation support, sound fiscal management as reflected by a detailed and balanced budget, track record of fiscal responsibility, adequate financial support documents, such as relevant cost estimates, realistic fundraising targets, and evidence of fiscal accountability.
  • Availability of Shevchenko Foundation financial resources to support the project.