We believe the artist’s job is to reach. Reach for the moon, reach for the stars and the clouds. Reach for the horizon, the future. Reach out to those around you, reach back to those that came before you or to those coming after you. Reach deeper, further into yourself and your own abilities. Reach your destination or reach your goals. Reach for that which is out of reach, reach for the truth…

The Shevchenko Foundation and Ihnatowycz Family Foundation created the REACH Mentorship/Residency for the Arts program to give artists in our community what they need to reach higher, further, and deeper in their craft with greater confidence and curiosity, and to enable them to reach beyond their current communities and markets.

Maybe that means reaching out to someone more skilled, experienced, or connected directly; maybe it means reaching for the ideal space and circumstances for self-motivated discovery; maybe it means travelling abroad, reaching for the essence or core of a particular craft or trade in the presence of those who have already reached a certain height….

We have seen many Ukrainian Canadians succeed and influence culture globally, and we want to nurture the talent, vision, and drive of the next generation of culture-makers and artists in earlier stages of development.

We know you want to find out more…about who can apply, what kind of things you can apply for, and how you need to do it.

Click on the link…and start REACHing!