The Ukrainian Canadian Veterans Fund (UCVF) was created in 2008 to honor the memory of Ukrainian Canadian World War I and World War II veterans. UCVF project funding requests that promote the mandate and meet eligibility requirements of the Shevchenko Foundation can originate from a broad range of endeavors, including projects in the fields of the four pillars – Arts, Education, Community Development, and Heritage. These include:

  • Academic research in the fields of civilian and military contribution of Ukrainians to Canada;
  • Projects that enlighten Canadians of their duty to recognize those who have served, the dead, the disabled, and their dependents;
  • Projects that bring harmony and promote unity amongst all Canadians, that encourage full appreciation of the rights, duties, and responsibility of Canadian citizenship, and foster public recognition of the importance of Ukrainian culture in the national life of Canada;
  • Providing financial assistance, scholarships and fellowships for Ukrainian language, literature, and history at Canadian universities;
  • The establishment of new, and support of existing, Ukrainian programming in schools for Canadian youth and children;
  • The publication of readers, text books and other educational materials required for Canadian youth to study Ukrainian in public schools and universities;
  • Writings by Canadian authors of Ukrainian origin, as well as other authors of works on Ukrainian themes as contributions to Canadian Literature, including translations of works on Ukrainian Canadian and Ukrainian themes into the English language;
  • Scholarships and awards for the presentation of Ukrainian music in festivals and television or radio programs organized or sponsored by recognized Canadian national organizations;
  • The collection of Ukrainian music and folklore and contribution of same to the Canadian National Library in Ottawa or any other similar institution for preservation and public use;
  • The establishment of shrines, monuments, memorial gardens or parks and museums to perpetuate the memory of outstanding Canadians of Ukrainian origin, and Ukrainian achievements in Canada;
  • Projects that support Slavic Studies Departments in Canadian universities in their efforts to promote a better understanding of European Slavic nations; and
  • Projects by Canadian youth movements, namely, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, church youth, and Navy, Army and Air Force Cadets, as well as Ukrainian youth organizations such as Ukrainian Youth Association PLAST, Ukrainian Youth Association (SUM), and others that promote the recognition of the importance of Ukrainian heritage in the national life of Canada

Deadlines for application to the UCVF Fund are April 1 and October 1.

Apply to the Ukrainian Canadian Veterans Fund in these categories:

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