Like all donors, you will have your own motivations for giving to the Shevchenko Foundation and leaving a lasting legacy.

Perhaps you wish to:

  • Ensure a strong and viable future for the Ukrainian community in Canada
  • Support arts and cultural organizations that enrich our lives
  • Give back to the community that contributes to your sense of pride in your culture and heritage
  • Remember loved ones who passed away
  • Commemorate important events in the lives of your family and friends

Whatever your reason for giving may be, your donation will be invested in perpetuity, and the annual income earned will be distributed in accordance with the Foundation’s grants policy.

A gift to the Shevchenko Foundation keeps on giving!

Donor Categories

“The Shevchenko Foundation welcomes gifts of all sizes!”

  • The Shevchenko Foundation has established classifications to recognize the generosity of individual donors and organizations.
  • The Shevchenko Foundation publicly acknowledges all donations, respecting all requests for anonymity. All donations also qualify for a charitable donation receipt for income tax purposes.
  • No gift to the Shevchenko Foundation is too small. Each and every donation is important and appreciated.

PATRON $10,000 and over
BENEFACTOR $5,000 to $9,999
FOUNDER $1,000 to $4,999
FRIEND $10 to $999

The benefits of giving to the Shevchenko Foundation are many, including the fact that your gift establishes an endowment fund, which will continue to help the Ukrainian community in Canada. The monies earned from your gift to the Foundation are used to address a wide range of community needs. You can be assured that the spirit of your gift, whether large or small, will endure forever.

Contributors to the Shevchenko Foundation are individuals who have recognized the importance of leaving behind a lasting legacy for future generations. There are many ways to give that meet your personal goals. All contributions are professionally managed for maximum investment return.

Donations by Cheque, Money Order, MasterCard or Visa

Send to: Shevchenko Foundation
202-952 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 3P4

Please make cheques payable to the Shevchenko Foundation.

Cash Gifts

A gift of cash, cheque or money orders are considered to be gifts of cash. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for the year in which the donation was received.

Credit Card Gift

A donation by credit card is processed on the date it is received. The charitable donation amount will be equal to the credit card amount processed.

Gifts of Securities

Publically traded securities are securities that are regularly traded on a public stock exchange and mutual funds units. If you are planning to donate securities please consult your tax advisor.

Gift of Retirement Fund

An individual can donate a portion or all of an RRSP or RRIF to the Shevchenko Foundation. The Shevchenko Foundation may also be made a beneficiary of the RRSP or RRIF.

Gift of Real Property

A gift of real property is accepted by the Shevchenko Foundation. This kind of gift requires planning and information sharing prior to issuing a tax receipt.

Wills and Bequests

Gifts from an estate may be in the form of a fixed amount, percentage or residue. Suggested wording for your will:
I give and bequeath the sum of $___________(or “the residue of my estate remaining”) to the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko.

Living Bequest

Your gift can be acknowledged and put to use during your lifetime. Watch your donation make a difference. Cash or Property
Land or personal assets can also be donated to the Foundation as a way to demonstrate commitment to the preservation of the Ukrainian culture in Canada.

Life Insurance Policy

You can assign an existing life insurance policy to the Shevchenko Foundation, naming the Foundation as both the owner and the beneficiary of the policy. Tax receipts are issued for the approximate cash value of the policy.

You can purchase a new life insurance policy with the Shevchenko Foundation serving as both owner and beneficiary of the policy. The donor makes the annual tax deduction premium payments to the Foundation

Designated Funds

A Designated Fund represents a sum of money set aside within the Shevchenko Foundation for a special or designated purpose. The annual income earned from investing the capital of each Designated Fund is disbursed in accordance with the instructions of those establishing such a fund to the designated beneficiary of the fund. These can include a particular organization or institution, a specific cause, project or area of interest. A Designated Fund provides an opportunity for an individual, family, organization or institution to make a lasting contribution to the community and carry its name into perpetuity.

  • A minimum contribution of $10,000 is required to establish a Family Designated Fund
  • Any funds which you had previously donated to the Shevchenko Foundation will be credited to your Family Designated Fund.
  • Family members can continue to contribute to the fund.

Stefan and Maria Yankowski Designated Fund
Established in 1987 in support of the activities and programs of two Winnipeg youth organizations: Plast Ukrainian Youth Association of Manitoba and the Ukrainian Youth Association (SUM).

Canada-Ukraine Foundation Designated Fund
Established in 1997 in support of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF)

Stefan and Michael Piciura and Eugenia Piciura-Szwec Designated Fund
Established in 1999 in support of the publication of scholarly studies on Ukraine in the fields of Ukrainian history, geography, sociology, politics and economics.

Ukrainian Professional and Business Foundation Designated Fund
Established in 2001 in support of the Ukrainian Professional and Business Foundation of Winnipeg

John J. Nowosad Designated Fund
Established in 2000 in support of the Ukrainian Professional and Business Foundation of Winnipeg.

Ukrainian Literary Association of Markian Shaskevich Designated Fund
Established in 2002 in support of projects designated by the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Literary Association of Markian Shaskevich.

Ukrainian Foundation for College Education Designated Fund
Established in 2005 in support of the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre

Ludwig, Olga and Costance Kaye Designated Fund
Established in 2005 in support of projects in Ukrainian culture

Samuel and Rose Pryhoda Designated Fund
Established in 2005 in support of Ukrainian students studying the Ukrainian language, history and origin at a university or college.

Mykola and Ann Zubaty Designated Fund
Created in 2005 in support of the Ukrainian Youth Association (SUM) in Winnipeg.

Mykola and Anna Wargaty Designated Fund
Established in 2005 in support of projects in Ukrainian culture.

Ukrainian Reading Association “Prosvita” Designated Fund
Established in 2007 to support the cost of running the association’s Saturday Ukrainian School, as well as to support cultural and educational Ukrainian organizations.

Wasyl, Tela, Darka and Lydia Karabin Designated Fund
Established in 2008 in support of a full time student at an accredited university, college or technical institute who has taken initiative to contribute to the Ukrainian Canadian community.