b'Andriana and Osyp SlavychLviv oblastEdmontonShumka Ukrainian Dancers After arriving we went to the church PHOTO CREDIT: : CURTIS ROUND PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO CREDIT: YULIIA NOSULICHin Edmonton, where we found out about summer dancing camp. It was a lovely experience! We were so happy to be able to continue in the next study year! It was a great relief from the big change in our life. Here everything is different, and our life is divided into before the war and after. We are trying to start from scratch. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIK VISSERChaban Ukrainian Dance of ReginaSof iia BaranovskaNova KakhovkaReginaChaban Ukrainian Dance of Regina I am glad to come back to the stage and once again experience those unspeakable feelings while dancing. I am happy to see how everyone supports Ukraine. My dancing with Chaban Ukrainian Dance of Regina brought out my strengths, improved my self-esteem and self-confidence. Moreover, it helped me to understand that my life continues, and I can enjoy it despite being far away from home, and my friends. SHEVCHENKO FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT /9'