b"Promoting AwarenessAnnually in March we celebrate the legacy of our namesake Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian national poet, by producing a bookmark based on one of the bards poems. We were excited that the winning artwork in 2023, based on Shevchenko's poemDo Osnovianenka, was created by Tetiana Lototskaa visual artist who recently relocated from Ukraine due to the full-scale war. (Shes also featured on our cover.)Now based in Toronto and continuing her studies at Lviv National Academy of Arts and KosivSpecialist College of Applied and Decorative Arts, Tetiana is inspired by Ukrainian folklore and the nature of the Carpathian Mountains. Her distinctive personal style expresses the unbreakable spirit of Ukrainian culture.Tetiana LototskaKolomyiaTorontoShevchenko Commemorative Bookmark It was truly a great gift for me to have my work featured on the TSF bookmark. While promoting greater awareness of Ukrainian culture in Canada, you have also encouraged me to continue with my art and passion. SHEVCHENKO FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT /15"