b" I greatly appreciate the support of the Shevchenko Foundation in funding my project to adapt the poetry of Bohdan Ihor Antonych to song. Spending time with Antonych's work, I focused on poems that alternate between Lemko paganism (works that fluidly imagine the poet as bug, blade of grass and plant), and those that reflect his apocalyptic imaginings of the future (reflecting the upheaval/devastation of industrialization and the first world war). Through a process of adaptation, I created new interpretations of poems, at times collaging poems together, and others rewriting them to meet my own voice. In doing so, the project became a conversation between two eras, honouring his creativity, while also opening it up to a contemporary voice. Luke KuplowskyINNOVATION Thanks to the generous support of the Shevchenko Foundation, we were able to gather eight North American emerging classical artists at Torontos Royal Conservatory to learn the finer points of Ukrainian art song performance from a faculty of professional classical artists. Our five-day program culminated in a public performance that won high praise from the audience. Soprano Katherine Mayba enthused: The Summer Institute and the showcase gala taught me skills to create a concert and instilled a desire to promote these uncovered works in recital. Im extremely grateful and encourage others to seize this wonderful experience. Ukrainian Art Song Project (Canadian Ukrainian Opera Association)Faculty and students of the 2022 Ukrainian Art Song Summer Institute.7"