b'Appetite for Cultural StoriesRayisa knew she wanted to act from a young age. But once she completed her theatre studies, and began acting professionally,she realized that she wanted more ownership of her work. Written and directed by Rayisa Kondracki, Open House is a short comedy about a 75-year-old woman who has grown old alone. Determined not to be a party of one for eternity (or God forbid, a third wheel), she sets her sights on finding the right companion for whatever it is that awaits her. After all, who wants to die (or lie) alone? For some its a comedic mission while for others a mission driven by underlying cultural beliefs. Starring Luba Goy and Simon Sinn, the film has been screened at eleven film festivals across North America.While still acting with roles in the upcoming Amazon Prime series Varsity (a spinoff of their hit series The Boys), and various Canadian shows, Rayisa is beginning to plan her next film project about the heroes of the ongoing war against Ukraine. What makes the project unique is her goal of building a team of Ukrainian professionals (and mentees) fleeing the war, including them in the storytelling and all aspects of production. Rayisa believes that the most interesting films are those which shine a light on a specific community orculture. The appetite for cultural stories is driven by a common thread. There is always something relatable. Now more than ever it is important to celebrate your culture, find its uniqueness and share it. Imagine that someone will see or listen to your little story beyond yourRayisa Kondracki neighbourhood, beyond your specific world. Film is such a powerful medium for this. 12'