b'Fueling CreativityTSF provides artists with opportunities to pursue their craft, grow as professionals, and find new adoring audiences for their work. We applaud the creative talent in our community for enriching our lives, the lives of all Canadians, with the joy and beautyof our Ukrainian culture. Sharing our StoriesInspired by the challenges of caring for elderly loved ones, the stories of a dear family friend, and a musical score, Melissa Morelli Lacroix began writing a collection of short stories titled Adventures of Ivan.Melissa Morelli Lacroix won the 2023 Emerging Writers Short Prose Competition for her short story Ivan and Irene, part of an eight-story collection. The Competition with an annual award encourages more Canadians to write the Ukrainian Canadian story. While Ivan and Irene takes place in 2020, it offers insight into the characters Ukrainian Canadian pioneer heritage that I gleaned through oral histories, community history books and research. I hope that I captured the Ukrainian experience and spirit. It has been an honour and a joy to create and discover Ivan and his life. Melissa Morelli LacroixCelebrating Traditions Our 2023 Christmas card was designed by Toronto-based painterand graphic artist Andrei Sinitar. A graduate of Kyiv State Art Institute, Andreis works highlight the connection between our past and present. They are featured in the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the Historical Museum of Ukraine, as well as collections in Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, United States and Canada, including the fine art collection of Oseredok Christmas Madonna Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre.14HEVCHENKO FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT /S'