b'Canadian Recognitionfor Outstanding ContributionCongratulations to James Temerty on being recognized by Canadas Walk of Fame withthe National Hero Honour! The award recognizes a Canadian whose selflessness, dedicatedefforts, and outstanding contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of others.As an entrepreneur and founder of Northland Power, Temerty is an icon in the clean energy industry in Canada. Through the Temerty Foundation established with his wife Louise Temerty, he has provided monumental support to healthcare, education and culture for the betterment of communities across Canada, including a $250M donation to the University of Torontos Facultyof Medicinethe single largest one-time philanthropic endowment in Canadian history.James Temerty is well known in the Ukrainian community in Canada and worldwide for respecting and honouring his Ukrainian roots. His contribution to strengthening the community in Canada is unparalleled. His commitment to the people of Ukraine as they fight for their very existence is exceptional.The Shevchenko Foundation is grateful for the long-standing, unwavering partnership of James and Louise Temerty in building a permanent endowment fund that will always support an evolving and dynamic Ukrainian Canadian culture.Mnohaya Lita!Representatives of the Ukrainian community at Canadas Walk of Fame Galaheld in Toronto on December 3, 2022.34'