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Kyiv – Hamilton * Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada (CYM), Hamilton Branch

Dmytro Kyianytsia shared the following story.

“I arrived in Canada from Kyiv on June 19, 2022, with my mother and sister. Three months later our father joined us.

We settled in Hamilton, Ontario, where we learned from the community about the summer camp organized by the Ukrainian Youth Association. When I arrived at the CYM camp I was overjoyed and excited to meet Ukrainian youth. It was wonderful to engage with the other campers, the counsellors, and teachers. It was a pleasure to hear the Ukrainian language at the camp. Particularly interesting were the lessons in history and culture. We also learned about Ukrainian traditions. I have the warmest and best memories of the CYM camp. I can’t wait to return this summer.

I chose to continue my participation in the Ukrainian Youth Association because there I found like-minded individuals who will help me maintain my history and culture in a new country. I believe that those who don’t know their past will not have a future.” – Dmytro Kyianytsia