Applications due:
April 1 and October 1 annually
Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards
Applications will be accepted from July 1 through July 31
Before applying, confirm the availability of any scholarship or bursary by calling TSF toll-free at 1-866-524-5314.
* Includes bursaries for Ukrainians studying in Canada
Special Programs
Assessed monthly until further notice

Establish a Fund

Create a Lasting Legacy

A designated fund can be created to help sustain a cause of your choosing. We offer flexible and customized ways to give by listening to your goals and helping you to create a plan that fits your needs.

View the list of designated funds within the Shevchenko Foundation.

How to Create Your Fund

  1. Determine the amount of your gift
  2. Choose what assets to contribute (cash, securities, life insurance, etc)
  3. Consider the area you would like to support
  4. The Shevchenko Foundation will issue a charitable tax receipt for the contribution(s) to the Fund
  5. Name your Fund
  6. Complete a “Fund Agreement” which outlines the parameters of your Fund

Consider establishing a fund today so you can witness its impact during your lifetime or, defer your gift through a will or other planned giving options.  Our staff will work with you to determine how you can best achieve your charitable goals while meeting your financial needs.

Take a moment to use our helpful GIFTABULATOR® to see an illustrative example of the growth and long-term impact of a donation when used to establish a Designated Fund.