Applications due:
April 1 and October 1 annually
Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards
Applications will be accepted from July 1 through July 31
Before applying, confirm the availability of any scholarship or bursary by calling TSF toll-free at 1-866-524-5314.
* Includes bursaries for Ukrainians studying in Canada
Special Programs
Assessed monthly until further notice

Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Before You Apply

Before considering the preparation and submission of a new grant application or scholarship application, please note the following:

1. The Shevchenko Foundation is a Canadian charity and, in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), can only disburse funds to Canadian organizations and to individuals with Canadian Citizenship, or Permanent Resident Status.

This means that if you are a Ukrainian Newcomer, a Ukrainian International Student, or a Ukrainian Refugee living in Canada temporarily under the CUAET program, you are not eligible to apply for a grant and to receive funds from the Shevchenko Foundation, unless there is a program that states this explicitly. You can work with a Canadian organization that will compensate you for work as a part of the project grant, but the Canadian organization would have to be the entity submitting the application, and it is to the Canadian organization to whom the cheque would be addressed.

2. Cheques will be issued to the name provided on the grant application form and mailed to the address provided on the application form.

Please note that your legal name, or the legal name of your organization, should be the name used on the application. You can include your preferred name or name that you use in daily life in brackets, or in an email to the Grants Officer.

For example, if your name is Natalya, but you are legally Natalie; please use Natalie on the grant application form, but feel free to use Natalya everywhere else, and in your email signature, and we will address you as Natalya. This saves the expense of issuing a cheque that you cannot cash, and that will eventually have to be cancelled and re-issued, on an elongated timeline.

3. New applications will not be reviewed by the Board until all Final Reports have been received for previous funds disbursed for past grant applications. The template for the Final Report is on the TSF website here.

4. Only one grant application can be submitted per grant cycle. This means that one organization or individual cannot submit two applications for the same grant deadline.

5. English is the language in which the Foundation is legally and administratively operated. This means that all documentation should be provided in English. Exceptions will be made for support letters, identification, and other documents on an as-needed and case-by-case basis.

6. The Shevchenko Foundation’s focus is on Ukrainian Canadian culture.

This means that grant applications related to Ukrainian culture in Ukraine, or projects by Ukrainian Canadians that occur in Ukraine for Ukrainian audiences, are not generally considered to be in the purview of the Foundation and are unlikely to be considered for funding.

7. Grant deadlines of April 1 and Oct 1 define the period in which grant project work can occur.

This means that the Start Date and End Date of your project must line up with the defined grant project work period of the deadline to which you apply. Here are the deadlines and the defined work periods, as outlined on the application forms:

  • Deadline is April 1 for projects beginning after July 1
  • Deadline is October 1 for projects beginning after January 1

8. All applications must be submitted as a single PDF file.

The reason for this is that the Shevchenko Foundation cannot take responsibility for compiling application materials on behalf of Applicants, unless required for accessibility reasons.