Important Application Information for Individuals


Up to 90% of total budget is eligible for funding assistance

In response to emergent difficulties and financial pressures caused by the pandemic to undertake projects initiated by grant applications from individuals, the Shevchenko Foundation has amended its granting policy of limiting eligible assistance for
individuals to 50% of the total project or program costs.

For the period April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, the Shevchenko Foundation will fund up to 90% of project or program costs of approved grants submitted by individual applicants. All other eligibility and assessment criteria remain the same.

This amendment recognizes that individuals are a key component to advancing the Shevchenko Foundation’s mission. For the contributions of individuals to be diminished, even for a short period of pandemic restrictions, is a setback for our community. Individual artists and community animators are imaginative, have great creative capacity, and are flexible to adapt to change.

Applicants are required to provide evidence of complying with locally approved public presentation /participation Covid-19 protocols. This compliance cannot be based on anticipated future easing of restrictions, but must recognize those which are “in place”. The Shevchenko Foundation realizes restrictions are in constant change and we will do our best to respond to applicant’s contingency plans with a spirit of flexibility.

For more information call Andrea Hrushka at 1-866-524-5314.