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Strengthen Ukrainian Canadian culture with your Koliada donation today!


Your support of the Shevchenko Foundation (TSF) has remained steadfast throughout this unprecedented year, and we are grateful. Whether you have donated to support our work or simply shared our news, your partnership with TSF truly makes a difference. Our success is your legacy!

We are proud of the Ukrainian Canadian community and its ongoing response to the needs of the people of Ukraine. Your support has already had an impact on hundreds of displaced children who experienced the fun of summer camps and arts programs. TSF grants also continue to support Ukrainian youth and adults with instructional resources and opportunities to engage in cultural programming and fine arts training.

Your gift has provided unique opportunities and contributed to the success of many projects by our talented Canadian artists. Theatre artist Lianna Makuch premiered Alina to rave reviews, offering Canadians a glimpse into the reality of war in Ukraine. Illustrator Ivanka Haney is bringing Ukrainian traditions to life for young readers with her book “Old Ways and Folk Holidays: A Ukrainian year with the Land”. With his short film Flyer Boys, filmmaker Taras Lesiuk reminds us of the importance of understanding and acceptance in overcoming cultural and generational differences. We’re pleased to share that Flyer Boys and a film by TSF-sponsored filmmaker Rayisa Kondracki, Open House, have both been accepted into the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival in mid-December.

Across the country organizations supported by TSF are making waves in the Ukrainian Canadian cultural landscape. St. Volodymyr Institute (SVI) in Toronto actively engages all ages with a series of in-person and virtual cultural programming. Winnipeg-based Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre is continually expanding its exhibits including the most recent innovative immersive exhibits featuring the work of Ukrainian artists. The Ukrainian Canadian Students Union actively engages students from coast to coast nurturing the next generation of community leaders.

All the projects we support have one thing in common: they promote the rich and dynamic Ukrainian Canadian culture in all its diversity.

With your help, we can do so much more. At a time when the very existence of Ukrainian culture is being threatened, TSF is expanding opportunities for individuals and organizations in Canada to strengthen and share this culture with all Canadians. Our ability to financially support the myriad of projects is dependent on your generosity.

One of the cherished traditions of the Christmas season is the koliada or carol. Please accept our heartfelt carol during this season of giving as a thank-you for your faith and partnership.

We invite you to include the Shevchenko Foundation in your year-end giving knowing that your donation will contribute to a bolder and even more meaningful Ukrainian Canadian cultural identity in Canada. Thank you for investing today in the promise of tomorrow.

Be part of our story. Together, we are one culture strong!


Boris Balan, President

P.S. You make it possible! Click HERE to learn how to calculate your year-end gift in the most tax-effective way.