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Sarny – Edmonton * Plast Ukrainian Youth Association, Edmonton Branch

The Kutsyi Family shared its story as written below.

“We are the Kutsyi family – Oleksandr and Inna with five energetic children, Evelina, Iliia, Anna, David, and Mariia, who arrived in Edmonton in April 2022 from Ukraine after the launch of the full-scale war.

Canada seemed a bit strange and new, somewhat of a “cultural shock”.

Relatives invited us to the patriotic organization Plast which our family immediately liked. We felt part of something native, something Ukrainian.

We liked the fundamental principles of the Ukrainian scouting organization Plast: Be faithful to God and Ukraine, aid others and be guided by Plast practices. They teach discipline, encourage physical development, nurture a love for nature and create a cooperative environment.

Plast Ukrainian Youth Association, thanks to its sponsors, has provided us a great deal. For two years now we have enjoyed summer camps at no cost! (Paying camp fees for four children in Canada is still difficult.)

Since joining Plast, particularly participating in their summer camps, the children have become better organized, and healthier both physically and spiritually. They have begun to better appreciate and love nature.

We highly recommend the Ukrainian scouting organization Plast! The program is based on self-discipline, and physical and spiritual development. We are confident that the children will only benefit while in a Ukrainian environment.” – Inna Kutsyi