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April 1 and October 1 annually
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* Includes bursaries for Ukrainians studying in Canada
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We are pleased to share with you the Shevchenko Foundation’s 2023 Annual Report.

Throughout the past year, we have watched our Ukrainian community rise to many challenges. We’ve learned many lessons in community building. As a result, we’re stronger and even more determined to protect, nurture, and grow our cultural heritage for all Canadians to enjoy.

Our report reflects the contribution of many in this cultural war. The creativity of individual artists and collectives continues to inspire as we share the captivating Ukrainian Canadian story with ever-evolving audiences. The touching individual stories that we share on the pages of our report remind us how far we’ve come as a community and more importantly, reveal the tremendous potential that lies ahead.

Looking forward, we’re thrilled at the Shevchenko Foundation to announce the celebration of our 60th anniversary. As we prepare to unveil new initiatives, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we’ll honor our history while shaping the landscape of our future.

Our partnership with you, our donors and stakeholders, remains essential.  United, we will continue to help build community and fuel artistic creativity with one goal – to ensure that the Ukrainian identity in Canada remains a source of pride and inspiration for many generations to come.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity, for your faith in our mission, and confidence in the power of our partnership.

Together, we are one culture strong!


CLICK HERE TO READ the 2023 TSF Annual Report