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March 2023

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Shevchenko Commemorative Bookmark is on its way to thousands of donors, art lovers, and students across Canada. Our annual bookmark honours the artistic legacy of Ukrainian national poet and bard, and our namesake, Taras Shevchenko.

We are also thrilled that the artist behind the winning selection, Tetiana Lototska, is a young Ukrainian who arrived in Canada in the past year.

Our mission is simple – we work to ensure that the Ukrainian Canadian story is shared creatively in all its diversity for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Part of that story is now being shaped by the war that continues to rage against Ukraine. As cultural identity is being erased in Ukraine artefact by artefact, the expression of this identity in Canada is becoming bolder, more innovative and inspirational, project by project. The Shevchenko Foundation (TSF) is proud to nurture this creativity!

We do this only in partnership with you! Your generosity is essential for us to continue our support of the many great projects in search of funding. Your contributions will help us make a positive difference.

Regardless of how we self-identify – Canadian, Ukrainian, or Ukrainian-Canadian – a common thread of shared values runs through the core of our contribution to the Canadian story.

Please consider donating to TSF in support of artists like Tetiana, who are still searching for place in Canada, and the artists for whom Ukrainian Canadian cultural expression is intrinsic to being Canadian.

Tetiana has made her contribution to the Ukrainian Canadian story. The school children across Canada who will participate in our Children’s Bookmark Competition will leave their distinct marks.

Join us in fueling the amazing creativity that awaits us. Make your contribution with a donation today! Together, we are one culture strong!

Boris Balan, President