Temerty Covid-19 Relief Fund for Organizations

A collaboration for recovery between the Temerty and Shevchenko Foundations

The Temerty Foundation, with management support from the Shevchenko Foundation, has generously created the Temerty Covid-19 Relief Fund in support of Ukrainian Canadian organizations, impacted by the pandemic. Special grants of up to $5,000 will be made available through the Shevchenko Foundation to qualifying organizations to help them maintain administrative functionality, so that they may continue to provide relevant programming to their members and to the community. There is a total of $100,000 available for dispersal.

“Our community organizations are the lifeblood of our cultural, educational and social life. They have been hit hard financially due to restrictions on gatherings, and they are hard-pressed to maintain operations and deliver programs” said Leah Temerty-Lord, Managing Director of the Temerty Foundation. “It is fundamentally important to keep them on their feet in these challenging times”.

Starting June 1, 2021, organizations experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic may apply to the Shevchenko Foundation for a one-time special grant of up to $5,000.

“We thank the Temerty Foundation for their vital support of our community’s recovery. The Shevchenko Foundation has had a long and productive partnership with James and Louise Temerty in a variety of common purposes. Their concern as to the profound disruption of the core work of our Ukrainian community organizations, created by the pandemic is both genuine and inspiring”, said Andriy Hladyshevsky, Q.C., President of the Shevchenko Foundation. “We are grateful to work with them in addressing this urgent need”.

Eligibility criteria and application details for the Temerty Covid-19 Relief Fund program are available here or by calling 1-866-524-5314.