What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Delight in the magic of Ukrainian Christmas traditions with the Shevchenko Foundation’s 2023 Children’s Writing Challenge, open to kids of all ages! This is a golden chance to voyage into the heart of your beloved Christmas traditions and share them with the world. Is it the first star that twinkles in the night sky, heralding the start of joyous festivities? Or the twelve traditional dishes that grace your dinner table, each telling tales of the Apostles?

Describe how the soft glow of the Didukh kindles memories and the mirth fills the air as you carol from door to door with family and friends. Narrate your story in 250 twinkling words in English, Ukrainian or French. Share how these traditions warm your heart, teach you invaluable lessons and make your Christmas truly enchanting.

Submit your entries by December 1, 2023, to [email protected]. Your beautiful tales will adorn our website, spreading the magical allure of Ukrainian Christmas far and wide!