Annually during the month of March, the work of internationally renowned poet and Ukrainian national bard Taras Shevchenko takes centre stage.

It has been a long-standing tradition of the Shevchenko Foundation to celebrate the work of Taras Shevchenko by producing a bookmark featuring a unique artwork based on a pre-selected poem.

Thousands of copies of the annual bookmark are distributed at no cost as educational tools to children across Canada who are enrolled in Ukrainian language classes in public, private, and Saturday schools. The bookmark is also distributed to all Ukrainian dance schools, children and youth ensembles, and youth organizations.

The one-of-a-kind art piece miniatures have also become souvenirs for sharing with friends around the world, while for others they have become collector’s items.

The selected artwork will be integral to the 2023 Shevchenko Foundation March fundraising campaign.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to broaden your exposure! Submission requirements are outlined below. The successful artist will receive $1,000 for the original artwork.


Submission requirements

Artists are requested to create an art piece that depicts the literary excerpt from Shevchenko’s poem – “Do Osnovianenka” (To Osnovianenko). The original in Ukrainian and in English translation appear above.

The image should be suitable in its dimensions to be reproduced as a bookmark with a finished size of 2” x 7.5”. Please ensure that there is room around your image in case it needs to be cropped slightly. Scans should be a minimum of 400dpi.

Please send artwork to TSF Executive Director Bohdana Bashuk via email: [email protected]


For more information, please call our office toll free: 1-866-524-5314 or email [email protected]




We are excited to announce the second annual National Children’s Bookmark Contest to encourage a new generation of visual artists and a new generation of readers of Taras Shevchenko’s poems.

Children up to the age of 14 are invited to enter their own original bookmark inspired by this year’s poem – “Ne dlia liudei, tiiei slavy”/”It’s Not for People, Not for Fame”. One bookmark per province will be randomly selected to win a cash prize of $25.

The bookmark template and entry form can be downloaded here 2022 bookmark template.

Deadline to submit your bookmark is April 30, 2022.

For more information, please call our office toll free: 1-866-524-5314 or email [email protected]





Congratulations to Canadian artist Olya Tkachenko! Her artwork was selected to be featured on the 2022 TSF Commemorative Bookmark celebrating the legacy of renowned Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

The imagery dramatically reflects the words of the selected poem in which the bard reveals the true power of the words that helped to alleviate his suffering in bondage. The poem – It’s Not for People, Not for Fame – can describe the challenges of every artist, but it is the self-expression of the one that transforms into the art enjoyed by the many.

“I consider our work – the work of artists – to be very important in a time of war. We can express that which is unspeakable. And we will be heard. My heart is breaking for my Ukraine and right now the poetry of Taras Shevchenko inspires a unique strength and offers comfort as never before,” commented artist Olya Tkachenko.

Since we launched the bookmark initiative over 20 years ago, TSF has engaged over 70 Canadian artists and distributed over 600,000 bookmarks throughout Canada to children and youth, avid readers and art lovers alike!

Enjoy and share the bookmark! Share our culture with the world!