COVID-19 Relief Funding – Bolstering the Community!

The Board of Directors of the Shevchenko Foundation is pleased to report that over 50 organizations and individuals across Canada have received funding through its COVID-19 Relief Funding Initiative.

Announced in October, 2020, the COVID-19 Relief Funding Initiative committed $25,000 to support small not-for-profit community organizations, as well as individuals working in the arts and culture sector, whose practice was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the course of five months, the Shevchenko Foundation allocated funding assistance of over $26,000 to 53 organizations and individuals for a wide range of needs, and across a wide range of sectors – from dance to local community initiatives. Funding, up to $500 for each recipient, was provided to help cover costs associated with such things as obtaining PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies and video-conferencing licencing, for payment for computer and software upgrades, to help offset the cost of rental facilities and utility bills, or to purchase other equipment with which to deliver virtual programming.


On behalf of the Zoloti Struny Bandura Capella, we greatly appreciate your support during this time. Thank you for giving our students the opportunity to continue their musical journeys despite the difficult circumstances

– Vira Zelinska Bandura Capella Zoloti Struny (to help cover rental costs)



WOW, this is wonderful news and totally made my day!! Thank you so very much to the Shevchenko Foundation, this money is so very much appreciated and will be so helpful in improving our practices”.
– Vivian Nawrocki (to increase internet speed and purchase microphone)

Although the COVID-19 Relief Funding Initiative came to a close on March 15, 2021, the Shevchenko Foundation continues to respond to the needs faced in these challenging times by large and small organizations, as well as by individuals working in the field of Arts.

Application deadlines continue to be suspended. Individuals and organizations wishing to apply to the Shevchenko Foundation for funding assistance may do so at any time until September 1, 2021. Grant applications are being evaluated on a monthly basis.

Additionally, the Shevchenko Foundation has temporarily amended its granting policy of limiting eligible assistance for individuals to 50% of total project or program costs. Until March 31, 2022 individuals may apply for up to 90% of project or program costs. All other eligibility and assessment criteria remain the same.

Listing of individuals and organizations who received Shevchenko Foundation COVID-19 Relief Funding Assistance:

Ardrossan Yatran Ukrainian Dance Association, Ardrossan, AB
Auresia Koziak, Montreal, QC
Ayla Dmyterko, Regina, SK
Ben Wasylyshen, Winnipeg, MB
Chaban Ukrainian Dance Assoc. Inc.
Chytalnia Prosvita Ukrainian School at UOC of St. Mary the Protectress, Winnipeg, MB
Desna Ukrainian Dance Company, Toronto, ON
Echoes of Ukraine Association, Calgary, AB
Immaculate Heart of Mary Lubov Nursery School, Winnipeg, MB
Kappella Kyrie Choral Society, Edmonton, AB
Korinnya Ukrainian Folk Ensemble Society, Calgary, AB
Kryla Ukrainian Dancers, Bonnyville, AB
Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education, Winnipeg, MB
Maria Cherwick, St. John’s, NL
Maryka Chabluk, Winnipeg, MB
Michael Bociurkiw, Sidney, BC
Norman Nawrocki, Montreal, QC
Peoples’ Museum Society of/de St. Paul & District, St. Paul, AB
PLAST Ukrainian Youth Association, St. Catharines, ON
PLAST Ukrainian Youth Association, Winnipeg, MB
Rozmai Winnipeg CYMK Ukrainian Dancers, Winnipeg, MB
Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Winnipeg, MB
St. Vladimir UCWLC, Red Deer, AB
Stacey Yerofeyeva, Toronto, ON
Svoboda Dancers, North Battleford, SK
The London Ukrainian Centre, London, ON
Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Calgary, AB
UCC Regina Branch, Regina, SK
Ukrainian Canadian Professional & Business Association, Calgary, AB
Ukrainian Canadian Professional & Business Association, Ottawa, ON
Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada – Eparchy of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada – Eparchy of Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SK
Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada – St. Mary’s Branch, Mississauga, ON
Ukrainian Catholic omen’s League of Canada – Christ the Good Shepherd Parish, Etobicoke, ON
Ukrainian Genealogy Group, Ottawa, ON
Ukrainian Heritage School at Sts. Volodymyr & Olha Cathedral, Winnipeg, MB
Ukrainian Male Chorus, Edmonton, AB
Ukrainian Women’s Assoc. of Canada – St. John’s Cathedral Branch, Edmonton, AB
Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada – Manitoba Branch
Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – National Executive, Toronto, ON
Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – Toronto Branch, Toronto, ON
Ukrainian Youth Association – Etobicoke Branch, Etobicoke, ON
UNF Hamilton Branch, Hamilton, ON
UNF Ottawa – Gatineau Branch, Ottawa, ON
UNF Regina Branch, Regina, SK
Valentyna Matyushenko, Saskatoon, SK
Vira Zelinska Bandura Capella Zoloti Struny, Toronto, ON
Vivian Nawrocki, Vancouver, B.
Volodymyr Bedzvin, Toronto, ON
Volya School of Ukrainian Dance, Edmonton, AB
Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Association, Edmonton, AB
Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance, Toronto, ON
Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble Inc., Saskatoon, SK