Funding Assistance – Deadline Extended!


In this unprecedented time defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shevchenko Foundation continues
to support the Ukrainian Canadian community with funding assistance in the fields of Arts, Heritage,
Education and Community Development.

In response to the challenges faced by large and small organizations, as well as individuals working in
the field of the Arts, we have suspended all grant deadlines, effective immediately, with some
conditions on certain types of grant requests.

Individuals and organizations wishing to apply to the Foundation for funding assistance may do so at any
time until September 1, 2021. Grant applications will be evaluated on a monthly basis.

Please note, however, that certain types of funding requests are subject to conditions. The Shevchenko
Foundation will NOT be accepting applications for the following:

1. Live performances, touring performances within Canada and outside Canada,
workshops, conferences, non-virtual exhibitions, and any other events that engage
attendance from the public.
An exception will be made for applicants who can provide evidence of complying with
locally approved public presentation /participation Covid-19 protocols. This compliance
cannot be based on anticipated future easing of restrictions, but must be “in place”.

2. Virtual performances involving digital or video sharing of existing archival repertoire or
recorded programming as the greater portion of the performance.

3. FESTIVALS: All festival organizations are requested to apply once they can confirm that
their festival can take place, based on their regional Covid-19 public compliance
protocols. If compliance is met, the festival organization can submit an application to
the Shevchenko Foundation as soon as the decision is made to proceed with the festival.
Virtual versions of festivals will be subject to conditions as listed in item#2

For further information, please contact the Shevchenko Foundation office at 1-866-524-5314 and speak
with Andrea Hrushka or Bohdana Bashuk.