Light a candle of remembrance

In 1932-33, Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Communist regime brutally eliminated millions of innocent Ukrainians with an orchestrated famine known as the Holodomor. This criminal act was the culmination of a genocidal assault on the Ukrainian people causing irreparable harm to the social fabric of Ukraine’s society, its spiritual culture and identity.
At the time, very few dared to speak the truth that was calculatingly suppressed. Today, we remain eternally grateful to the survivors, particularly our Canadians, who have so courageously shared their stories with us. Their lives and experiences have impacted the Ukrainian Canadian identity in a subtle, yet powerful way.
We solemnly remember the victims of the Holodomor and vow to continue sharing the story in the hope of building a kinder, gentler world in which the principles of freedom and fundamental human rights are respected and irrevocable.
On Saturday, November 27, International and National Holodomor Memorial Day, please join Canadians and the international community in remembrance.
  • Light a candle of remembrance in your home.
  • Pause for a moment of silence at 19.32 local time.
  • Share images and reflections on social media.
  • Participate in events in your local community.

Ukraine Remembers – the World Acknowledges


Watercolour by Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn