Shevchenko Foundation Welcomes New Director

The Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko is proud to announce the appointment of Boris Balan to its Board of Directors in the position of Vice-President.

Mr. Balan has worked for over 20 years at Northland Power and currently holds the position of Vice President for Development. He has a wide range of community involvement including serving as Vice President of the Shevchenko Foundation Board of Directors from 2002 – 2015. He previously studied history, political science and Ukrainian studies and worked at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and the University of Toronto Encyclopedia of Ukraine Project. Mr. Balan later joined the George Soros Foundation in Ukraine as Project Director in 1991 and proceeded to work in Ukraine on a number of Canadian technical assistance projects before returning to Canada in 2001.

The Shevchenko Foundation Board of Directors is now comprised of Andrew Hladyshevsky, Q.C. (Edmonton) – President, Boris Balan (Toronto) – Vice-President, Scott Armstrong (Winnipeg) – Secretary-Treasurer, Irka Mycak (Toronto), Adrian Boyko (Saskatoon), Gordon Gordey (Edmonton), Lidia Narozniak (Hamilton), Orest Sklierenko (Toronto), and Oryssia Lennie (Edmonton).